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About Octopi

We are a Cheltenham based agency that merges high degrees of creativity with technical expertise and flair, delivering digital & social marketing services and the visual elements of brand, allied with website design, development and printing services whilst keeping to a non-technical language everyone can understand.

Our team have experience working with some impressive clients, such as Coca-Cola, Volkswagen, De Beers, Diageo and Walkers Crisps amongst many others - we therefore know that we have the skills and enthusiasm to help you to build on your success.

We truly care about the outcome of every piece of work we undertake, which means you can rest assured that we will deliver on all of our promises, so you can deliver on yours.

An introduction to Neuro Design & why it's important to you

Neuro Design feeds from the understanding that 95% of our thoughts happen without us being aware of them. Each time you click on a button, make a purchase, download a PDF (you get the idea!) - chances are, your conscious brain has been influenced by your sub-conscious brain …the important brain!!

In essence, the concept of Neuro Web Design is to split the brain up into three distinct elements. These are the New Brain, Mid Brain, and Old Brain.

New Brain (logic)

This is the area of our brain that we would think of as conscious – it processes language & speech, reading, playing music, thinking about strategy and planning, learning a new skill etc.

Mid Brain (emotion)

This area of our brain deals exclusively with emotions.

Old Brain (survival)

The old brain's concern is ensuring our survival – constantly checking the environment we're in to ensure we are safe and reacting to and avoiding dangers. As well as danger, it's also highly influenced by food and sex - all of these are very strong triggers.

Neuro Web Design

You might imagine that when using a website, it would be the New Brain that would determine where you click & which elements of a page interests you – a conscious, logical decision. However, it's much more complex than this. Very often, our decisions are made by the Old & Mid brains – our predominantly subconscious selves, even though we may well be unaware that this is happening.

Neuro Web Design is about ensuring a website design takes into account the idea that the unconscious mind has a very strong impact on the decision making process.

“How does all this help me?”

Firstly, being Neuro Designers means we ensure we fully understand your brief and what you wish to get out of us as a creative agency - it could be a website, it could be a 200 page brochure, whatever it is we will gain a full understanding of your needs so we guarantee to meet your deadline and budget. Secondly, we will want to know and understand your target market to make sure that all the elements we can influence, get implemented the correct way. This could be imagery, copy, language or even colours - they all lead back to being able to communicate properly with the subconscious brain and making it feel loved!