February 2015

Is your website working hard enough?

Everyday we make decisions, some we are aware of, some we are not. The ones which somehow slipped through the net and managed to influence what we did, whether we knew about it or not are the most critical when it comes to design. This is where designing websites and allowing for our subconscious brain to make a choice is where we come in - we are Neuro Designers after all!!

We are 'Neuro Design' Specialists!

But 'what does this mean?' I hear you say! Well, it all comes down to how we use our '3 brains' and how we at Octopi, design websites that allow for them.

The 3 brains are broken down in to 'New', 'Mid' and 'Old' - its the 'mid' and 'old' brains which actually make most of our everyday decisions, which we as humans are happily unaware of. But as a business when trying to attract new customers or even guide existing customers in to doing something, it is critical to make sure that in the short amount of time we have to engage with them, that we do it well and in a way which is purposeful whilst also having a satisfying user experience for your customer.

To summarise, Neuro Design is about ensuring a website takes into account the idea that the unconscious mind has a very strong impact on the decision making process.

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