September 2015

W. Britain Collectors Club website launched

W. Britain has been a leader in the toy soldier industry for over 120 years and continues to thrive. Their renowned figures are stocked in more than 100 retailers across the UK and Europe. Most major military campaigns and uniforms are covered, from the dramatic Napoleonic Wars to the military precision of the Welsh, Scots and Irish Guards of Buckingham Palace.

W.Britain asked us to develop a website which would allow their site visitors to join their Collector's Club & existing members to be able to purchase products.

We were so happy with the service provided from our first website created by Octopi Design, we decided to present them with a more challenging request & the end result has been a great success with a fantastic website built to our specification - we highly recommend them!
Richard Sloan

W. Britain Collectors Club

To visit the W.Britain website, go to: www.wbritain-collectorsclub.co.uk