Revolve Studios

The Brief

Revolve Studios is fast becoming the UK's premiere photographic makeover studio. Original we took on the maintenance of their existing website, but they subsequently asked us to redevelop their site, with a view to making it accessible on mobile & tablet devices, as well as the traditional desktop PCs & Macs.

Our Solution

As the viewing of websites on mobile & tablets is becoming more & more popular, we've decided that all our new developments should be based on 'responsive design' - to ensure that all websites are viewed at their best. Revolve's website is Octopi's first fully responsive site!

Revolve Studios
Client feedback

We have been working with Octopi for about 9 years. Initially they took over the maintenance of our existing website, but subsequently we asked them to redevelop our site for us, to take into account an increase in the number of visitors from mobile & tablet devices.We're absolutely delighted with the results of our new responsive website! Working with Octopi has been brilliant - they're always friendly & professional, taking our ideas on board whilst putting forward their own suggestions, and we have an excellent working relationship. I would wholeheartedly recommend them to others!

Chris Dagnall, Managing Director
Revolve Studios
Revolve Studios